every single symptom brings us closer to the tomb

Apr 22

Hmmmmmmmm. Mmmmm.

Feeling really strongly about something, but not being able to mention it in any kind of a public manner because you know knee-jerk reactions will cause you to lose friends. And then when those friends do or say things that bother you, but you can’t or won’t react because you would rather keep a friend than tell them that you’ve been offended.

I should write a book called “No, even the Internet’s not a safe place” and have chapter titles like “People’s traits you like but you’re afraid they might offend those people who have them” and “Things you don’t want getting back to your parents in any way ever not even once” and “No seriously don’t ever open up to your friends if you think they’d even once blurt something out in the heat of the moment”

but instead of words it would just be blank because ~artistic expression of concepts~

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